In Skill heavy games — Focus on skill, in Luck heavy games— Focus on getting Lucky (which is also a skill! 😊)

Traitorous Eight: Founders of Fairchild Semiconductor, presumably the first VC backed company, From L — R: Gordon Moore (co-founder of Intel), C. Sheldon Roberts (Co-founder Teledyne), Eugene Kleiner (founder of KPCB, below), Robert Noyce (Co-founder of Intel), Victor Grinich, Julius Blank, Jean Hoerni (co-founder Teledyne) and Jay Last (1960)

So when should you raise money? Let’s hear it from two legendary investors:

“When the money is available, take it.” — Eugene Kleiner, Founder of Kleiner Perkins.

KPCB (as it’s previously called) have been one of the best VC firms in silicon valley, investors in Amazon, Compaq, Sun micro-systems, Google, Square,, Twitter et, al.

From: William Janeway, Managing Director of Warburg Pincus

“Failure to execute operationally is not the only source of risk; every venture is also subject to volatility in the price and availability of capital due to the volatility of the stock market. …

Source: CB Insights

Jeff Bezos’ steps up to the chairman role, Ecommerce as logistics, and the rise again of Hyperlocal logistics

My reflections on interesting developments in retail, ecommerce, logistics & supply chain in January 2021.

Big News: Jeff Bezos hands over Amazon reigns to Andy Jassy

  • In his letter to employees, Jeff Bezos’ talks about ‘Invention as the root of Amazon’s success’. Inventing new things and then making them normal, in few years is what he described as quintessential Amazon. (I wonder: How many public company CEOs use that word!)
  • I read initial chapters of ‘The Everything Store’, and watched an initial speech of Bezos to revisit his definition of ‘xponential’ growth —

“In the spring of 94, web usage was growing at 2300% a year. You have to keep in…

Source: Bain Private Equity Podcast

Access and deal flow are the two most important attributes of the private markets. Entrepreneurs need access to investors (and larger investors as their startups grow) and investors want deal flow (early, filtered and proprietary access to high quality/high growth startups). Access is the killer app and that’s what makes this world go round!

A compilation of the best books, blogs, videos and podcasts, from last 15+ years of reading, practising and ruminating on above topics. No way comprehensive, but these are some resources that I always go back, to ‘refresh, review and refocus’!


Uber Freight’s Fundraising, Flexible Logistics Platforms gain traction, Warburg’s Ecomm Express Part Exit!

Interesting tidbits on Retail, E-commerce, Logistics & Supply Chain that caught my eye in December 2020.

Image credits: Uber Freight

Uber Freight spins-off and becomes a $3 Bn Freight brokerage

  • They sold EU Freight business and raised a $500 Mn series A (largest for a 3PL),
  • and are now going deep on the $ Trillions US market.
  • But it is still not clear to me — are they a ‘digital 3PL, a freight brokerage or an aggregator’?
  • Smart folks have also plugged in Uber Direct (like CareemNOW, Swiggy, DUNZO et, al.) into Uber Freight.


Flexible Fulfilment & Logistics Platforms attract significant traction and financing

  • Retailers, brands and SMBs can’t build ‘flexible enough’ supply chains! (I differ respectfully 😊).
  • All need ‘Amazon level logistics’…

It brings you closer to your already successful patterns, and help compounding work again.

How you pitch is different from how you execute (and has to be!). Most operators/entrepreneurs have a difficult time switching between these modes, ( & developing associated content!)

Whatsapp is the highest engagement, and for probably fastest response.

Emails are for work mostly and should be used for structured communications, sharing docs, files, decks.

Twitter is for sharing opinions, reading interesting news, articles, opinions, rants/tweetstorms. This platform has leverage for 1-many comms.

Phone, Teams, Zoom for verbal comms/1–1 or multiparty calls.

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